60 Excellent To Do List App UI Designs

Designing To Do List Apps might seem like a simple task. But in reality, many UI designers have challenges when figuring out how to engage users in using the app and how to bring some fun to their experience. For inspiration, here are 60 To Do List App UI Designs to help you design an excellent user interface that will add on to the visual appeal of your mobile application.

26 Websites Using Outline Typography Design

Outline typography have been the trend for the year. Not only the outline fonts are eye-catchy, they better utilize the white space on the website. They are chosen to convey the message of the website or what the brand stands for. We expect that it will definitely reach its peak in 2019. Often interacting with other elements in the compositions, we believe that outline letters in 2019 will be a major part of graphic design and web design next year, so in this post we`ve gathered 26 Websites Using Outline Typography Design for inspiration.

35 Retro & Vintage UI Designs For Web & Mobile

Vintage and retro styles have been popular for a long time now, and they`re a great way to make your designs stand out. Retro, in general, is a style that brings on a sense of nostalgia. It`s one of the most effective web designs when it comes to connecting sites with users. Designers are applying retro and vintage style elements to online shops, portfolios, corporate design, and blogs in large and small scale. If implemented well, retro designs can be creative, appealing, make websites stand out and look very unique. So in this post we`ve collected 35 Retro & Vintage UI Designs For Web & Mobile that are good source of inspiration for all of those who are looking for trendy ideas in website design.

45 Finest Decorative Fonts

Decorative fonts are very easy to pick out. They are eye catching fonts that have some sort of decorative to them. This decorative element will sometimes make the font hard to read. They are not best suited for large bouts of text that would be used in the body or in any situation where a reader needs to quickly scan a design. So if you are looking for a descorative font for your design project, we`ve hand-picked 45 Finest Decorative Fonts that can be used to send a clear message to potential customers.

29 Amazing Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Designs

Chalkboard menus are today`s hottest idea for growing restaurant business. They are really easy way for any restaurant or eatery to communicate with their guest. This low cost and low maintenance marketing tool can be eye-catching and a very effective merchandising tool to create their specials to capture the attention of new and existing customers. Nothing catches the attention of pedestrians in a busy shopping district like a great-looking chalkboard stand outside your diner`s door. So in this post we`ve gathered 29 Amazing Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Designs that are not just beautiful, but effective as well. Take a look for yourself and get inspired by these restaurant menu designs.

30+ Clever Street Arts Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Street art and graffiti are a familiar sight in all our cities. Street art is there to surprise and inspire us, to shake up the often dull urban environments in which it can usually be found in order to give us a fresh perspective on our otherwise familiar neighborhoods and streets. These last few years, the number of talented artists has grown dramatically. This also affects people`s interest of street art. It is not an easy thing to create a clever street art in short time. So in this post we put together 30+ Clever Street Arts Guaranteed To Make You Smile for your enjoyment and inspiration.