12 Javascript Plugins 2018 For Cool Website Navigation

Navigation menu is one of the important element of website. A good navigation becomes a short description of your complete website. It helps visitors, to easily go from one page to another page ,or from one post to another post. So in this post We`ve picked out 12 Javascript Plugins For Website Navigation that can help you spruce up your menus today.

10 Useful Javascript Data Visualization Libraries

It is important skill set to be able to visualize data as much as you can make beautiful interactive web pages for front-end web developer. Javascript allows us to take data visualization even further by adding interactivity, so users can drill down into charts and graphs for more detail to change their view of the data. Below I have listed 10 useful JavaScript libraries that can help you in data visualization.

10 Awesome Javascript Fuzzy Search Libraries

A fuzzy search returns a number of matches that are likely to be relevant to a search term or terms even when the match does not exactly correspond to the search terms. In some ways a fuzzy matching program can operate a lot like a spell checker. So here are 10 Awesome Javascript Fuzzy Search Libraries that you can use them on any of your projects. Having such powerful search on your site, visitors will feel more comfortable and will be able to find their desired things easily.

15 Useful CSS Regression Testing Tools

CSS Regression Testing is a set of automated tests to compare visual differences on websites. CSS regression testing always been a challenge to UI developers. The advent of rich UIs and responsive design has made it next to impossible to efficiently test web applications and websites without focusing on CSS and visual layouts. So here in this post we have 15 Useful CSS Regression Testing Tools that will guard your web application against visual bugs.

29 Awesome Tips & Tricks For Better CSS & Javascript Coding

It is very important for any front-end developer to be well informed about modern and future web standards. So to help you stay ahead of the game, in this post we`ve collected collection of useful techniques, tips and tricks for better CSS and Javascript coding, along with complete tutorials and explanation of the techniques used. They can help you master the techniques that will help set your designs apart from the crowd.