20 Astonishing Urban Painting & Sketching Photoshop Actions

Digital painting is a skill that takes time and practice to master. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new techniques. There are also plenty of tutorials and online resources available that can guide you through specific aspects of digital painting in Photoshop. If you’re interested in creating paintings using Adobe PhotoshopSo, here are 20 Photoshop actions that will add urban photo painting & sketching effects to your images with just a single click.

25 Photoshop Text Effects to Create Fun & Playful Typography

When people think of Photoshop, usually their first thought is of images, photographs and special effects. But another great Photoshop feature is the ability to create sophisticated typographical effects. So here are some of cool Photoshop text effects you can use to transform a plain type into a fun and playful typography that will good for any kind of design projects.

20+ of The Most Impressive Photoshop Actions 2022

We all know the power of Photoshop, you’ll regularly see the results of its use on magazine covers and in advertising campaigns. But it’s much more than just a tool for touching up and beautifying images, it’s also a powerful piece of software for creating artwork and manipulating photographs to bend them to the artists will. We’ve tracked down a number of brilliant Photoshop actions from Graphicriver to show you just how impressive the results can be. Will you believe your eyes?

20 Awesome Photoshop Shiny Metallic Effect Styles

The use of shiny metallic effects still heavily dominated by gold, there is a push for other metals too, silver is coming and copper is a must. A spark of light catching, rich, textured gold can’t help but give a design a lift. The trending style is sparing, minimal use for shimmering highlights, and pick out elements and it also works brilliantly with embossed and debossed patterns. Photoshop layer styles are a great tool for creating amazing Photoshop text effects quickly. So here are our awesome selection of Photoshop styles to create shiny metallic effects that show a variety of ways in which this tool can push your design to the top of the pile.

25 Beautiful Glow Effect Photoshop Actions

Visual design experiments become hot graphic design trends, and suddenly we see them everywhere. They have many names, including duotone, double exposure, glitch, etc. Glowing effects are getting used more and more now and they look awesome when done well. Below you will find collection of Photoshop actions that will allow you to easily creating a wide variety of glow effects with your photos.

20 Amazing Vexel Portrait Photoshop Actions

Various new trends keep on emerging in art or graphics world; Vexel art is one of the results of them. It comes from the combination of the words vector and pixel. The main idea behind the vexel art is that, these are raster images that look much like vector graphics and in most cases also created using the same technique as vector graphics but differ from the vector graphics as it is the output of rasterization of vector elements under a raster program. It can be carried on with the help of any image editing software that has a good Pen Tool including Photoshop. So here are 20 Amazing Vexel Portraits Photoshop Actions that are sure to wow you and give inspiration.