25 Photoshop Actions To Create Stunning 3D Image Manipulation

Photoshop is such a powerful tool, and now with the 3D capabilities available in Photoshop the possibilities of various text and image effects that are achievable are endless. In this post, we`ve collected 25 Photoshop Actions To Create 3D Image Manipulation which can help you create some amazing effects and take your images to a whole new level.

by sevenstyles

Send your photos into the mirror dimension with just a few clicks.

Dimension Photoshop Action

by sodasong

Create awesome glitch effect on your photo in just 1 click. This action set contains 6 different glitch effects. All effects are adjustable and structured in a well organized layer.

SoGlitch Photoshop Action

by Eugene-design

Bring your images to life with the dynamic, three-dimensional effect of flying particles! It`s quick, simple and amazingly effective.

3D Dispersion Photoshop Action

by erengoksel

3D Anaglyph Studio is a an easy to install and easy to use Photoshop CS5 extension. It is actually a panel that you can reach inside Photoshop. Using this extension you can create cool anaglyph 3D images.

3D Anaglyph Studio

by sevenstyles

Create realistic sketch artwork from your photos in only a few clicks. You can also create a 3D pop out sketch effect using this action.

Sketch Photoshop Action (With 3D Pop Out Effect)

by profactions

Extremely awesome Photoshop action transform your photo into proffesional technical sketch look with 3D elements in one minute. Perfect for any objects, projects and all things,such like cars, bikes, aircrafts, gadgets, instruments etc.

Conceptum - 3D Sketch Photoshop Action

by inpixs

An excellent unique action for your images.

3D Box Actions

by mudi

Convert your images into 3D pixels to give you images some extra unique style. This style looks great on any kind of images. Total 10 actions to give you the most control over your desired output and requirements.

3D Pixel Photo Action

by cazoobi

This amazing action allows you to create superb retro stereoscopic 3D renders in just one click from any jpeg.

Retro 3D iT - Stereoscopic 3D

by alekad

3D Pixel Dispersion Photoshop Action will help you to create the effect of an object dispersion to 3d pixels (cubes). You will save hours and hours of work.

3d Pixel Dispersion

by SmartestMind

Create professional 3d glitch artworks from your photos in the easiest possible way. Not only is it simple to it then becomes lots of fun playing around with all the layers ! Everything generate the 3d glitch art, remains layered giving you lots of creative control.

3D Glitch Photoshop Action

by betoalanis

Anaglyph is a set of Photoshop actions that gives a stereoscopic 3D effect to your images.

Anaglyph 3D Action

by haicamon

3D Bubbles Photoshop action created on photoshop cs6, this action perfect for portrait photo and also use on other images.

3D Bubbles Photoshop Action

by LightDesigns

Run the first action on your photo. Once you are happy with the design, save your image out. Now re-open your image and run another action!

3D Effect - Photoshop Action

by demustang

A powerful collection of 3D Display actions inspired by glass paper weight. This amazing pack is reloaded with 4 powerful actions.

Paper Weight 3D Glass Displayer

by UnicDesign

Create this amazing wet paint and sketch photo effects with your photos using just a few clicks! Simply fill in your subject with a color and play the action. Yes, It`s really that simple!

Wet Paint Photoshop Action (With 3D Pop Out Effect)

by Neurotink

Give your image a 3D look and see it using 3D glasses. Just load and play!

4 premium 3d actions

by Eugene-design

Broken Action add to your photo broken effect with many particles with different sizes. After action finish the work you get a well-organized and structured file with the many layers, folders and settings to improve the final result.

Broken Photoshop Action

by walllow

Creative multifunctional Photoshop Action convert your images into professional art work within moments. Easy to customize and improve.

AI Artificial Intelligence Photoshop Action

by UnicDesign

Create amazing, typography photo effects out of your photos with just a few clicks! Simply brush over your photo and just play the action. Typography patterns are arranged into 9 different layouts and each layout is available in 10 different fonts. You can choose from 90 different typography patterns!

Typography 5 Photoshop Action

by Pasulukha

30 Multi Layer Popup Effect action create a cut out image from your photo, perpective view of image, curl and shadow for any image. It will create a 3D Popup effect with Foreground, Midleground and Background. This action will make your photos more prominent.

30 Multi Layer Popup Effect

by 315700

Geometric Decomposition Photoshop Action.

Geometric Decomposition Photoshop Action

by Lil_Bro

Set of 8 action to create an abstract low poly geometric effect.

Abstract Low Poly Photoshop Action Pack

by psddude

This set contains 1 PSD mockup file and 8 Photoshop actions for customization purposes that will allow you to create geometric photo effects. The result contains easy to edit layers with all the styles intact so that you can customize the appearance.

Geometric Double Exposure Photoshop Creator

by Pasulukha

This action will create the abstract art with blast, dispersion effects from your photo follow the left , right, top , bottom and center. After the action has finished rendering, it creates a well organised layer structure.

Broken Glass

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