25 Cool Photoshop Actions & Styles for Poster Design

Photoshop is great tool for designers. It can be used for almost every little task that involves graphic design. Photoshop actions provide a quick and easy way to extend your design creativity. So whether you want to create original photos for social media, posters, or mockups, or you just want to avoid using stock photography in general, here are 25 Cool Photoshop Actions & Styles for Poster Design.

Duotone Master Kit

If you`re trying to make statement Duotone is the style to go with. High Contrast, bold text, modern look what is there not to love? Fortunately, rendering a duotone style is not too complicated. Inside this pack you will find a photshop action file that contains Photoshop actions plus awesome moodboard to preview all images before applying any effect to your final images. It`s totally non-destructive and it leaves your original image untouched.

Duotone Master Kit - Super Easy Photoshop Actions

Vector Painting CS6 & CC

This Photoshop Actions is a time saver if you want a quick generator that turn your photo into a vector painting. This actions is available in .ATN Photoshop Actions file which is simple to load and applied.

Vector Painting CS6 & CC+ Photoshop Action

Pop Art Photoshop Actions

This action works in a non-destructive way to achieve a high quality look. So, the original image layer will remain unchanged.

Pop Art Photoshop Actions

Splash Fx Graphic Action

It is minimal fluid geometry explosion effect. There are 5 actions included to generate 5 different colorscripts.

Splash Fx Graphic Action

Double Exposure Action

This action is very useful for designers and photographs who need to present some unique and powerful attractive images. Very good for creating artworks, like cd artworks, posters, flyers, ads, social media banners etc.

Double Exposure Action

Anaglyph Photoshop Actions V1

An anaglyph image and text effect is simple and can add a fun element to your poster design. It is very easy to make 3D images using this Photoshop action.

Anaglyph Photoshop Actions V1


Lens is a set of 20 vibrant filters for your photos. In just one click, you can transform ordinary photos into modern graphics that are great for blog posts, book covers, mobile apps, backgrounds and more.

Lens - 20 Vibrant Effects


Transform your images into a dark corrupted scene with a distorted Glitch Effect. The best results are obtained with high resolution pictures.

Glitch Photoshop Action

Hope Pop Art Generator

Create your own retro pop art inspired by the popular Obama Hope poster by Shepard Fairey. These Photoshop actions generate the effect for you in one go.

Hope Pop Art Generator

Glitch Aty

Add abstract and glitchy effects to any photo with these 10 Photoshop actions. These actions create glitch-like art using only nondestructive Photoshop techniques.

10 Glitch Art Photoshop Actions


This is a glitch effects set for Photoshop, combining smart object effects with actions. The smart PSD file allows you to paste the image of your choice, edit the glitch effects and add textures in a quick and easy way. You also have the possibility to use one of the 4 actions included, to add some chromatic aberration effects to your designs.

Entropy Volume II Photoshop Glitch Effects

Chalk Generator

This item comes with 14 extra actions to make your main shape/text/raster have a chalk writing look. You can play with many ready-made icons to give your chalkboard a unique look.

Chalk Generator

Escher Ribbon FX

You can create incredible effects and amaze your customers and audience with cool artworks that you can realize quickly and with ease.

Escher Ribbon FX Photoshop Add-On Extension

Toxic Potion Glitch

Fuzzy, slurred, brought from deep morning sleep and aerosol paints of London suburbs, our glitch effects are to make you breathe and design differently, moving far from canonical beauty in favor of freshness and frankness. Turn your typography, logos, and shots into vibrant masterpieces no one will dare to shift glaze from, passionately following how in a click you bring motion instead of statics with the power of color only.

Toxic Potion Glitch Effects Pack

Contemporary Graphic Poster Action

If you are looking for a low cost and simple poster design software then look no further than this Photoshop action.

Contemporary Graphic Poster Action


Among the many design trends showing up in 2019, Duotone and bold colors make an excellent mix for any work to stand out. This trend, which consists of two halftones contrasting over an image, made its comeback thanks to Spotify’s dashing brand identity. Quickly give your images a duotone look with this set of Photoshop actions, based on a collection of 36 carefully created Gradient Maps. With varied color combinations, you can achieve all kinds of different effects. These actions are also non-destructive, which mean the effect can be edited separately if needed.

Duotone Photoshop Actions

80’s Retro Text Effects vol.2

You can use this text effects to create cool retro poster and flyer. You just need to replace them into the smart object of your favourite style included.

80's Retro Text Effects vol.2

Memphis Style

If you love unashamedly brash and bold colors and patterns, you’ll be very happy to hear that the Memphis Style, the design style pioneered by the 1980s Memphis Group, is very much back in vogue.

Memphis Style - Text Effects

Text Highlighter Pro

Sometimes simple text styles in Photoshop is a lot of work. These Photoshop actions make it easy to turn boring text into appealing headlines in just a few clicks. You can create text with a different-colored underline, add a highlight to paragraph text, and more!

Text Highlighter Pro

Geometric Poster

Create a professional modern effect filled with triangles, lines and abstract style.

Geometric Poster Photoshop Action

Isometric Illustration

Create trendy 3D isometric illustrations from shapes, vectors, pixel layers, smart objects, group layers or texts. No 3D required!

Isometric Illustration - 3D Generator


Create this futuristic effect on your photos with just a few clicks. Make neat looking posters, ads, banners, presentations – save days of work. You get unique result each time you run the action.

Cognition Photoshop Action

80`s Retro Poster

It transforms your images into cool 80`s inspired retro poster artwork in just a few clicks. The action works best with figures, models and other photos. The final composition is fully layered and provides lots of effects and customization. The action comes preloaded with various retro graphic elements and 20 color presets to apply with a single click and take your customization to the next level. It’s super easy to use and save yourself hours of work.

80's Retro Poster Photoshop Action

Lightsaber Font

When you think everything is stagnant, here comes Lightsaber Font! It’s like an all capital script written at the back pages of a college student`s notebook. Lightsaber bears a new approach on handlettering style with equally slanted monolines.

Lightsaber Font + Neon Animation

Ultimate Vibrance

These actions let you test 20 different methods and pick the best one with just one action. You can create jaw-dropping colors to your photos while protecting skin tones. The layer mask is fully-editable and made with nondestructive techniques.

Ultimate Vibrance Photoshop Actions

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