25 Amazing Image & Text Glitch Effect Photoshop Actions

The glitch effect when visualized, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic color television static that appeared when you lost a signal. Though once this effect was frustrating to watch, but it has turned into an attention-grabbing effect. 2019 will be the year when corrupted images will be a trendsetter. So if you are looking for quickest and easiest ways to add some sweet glitch effects to your image in Photoshop, here are 25 Amazing Image & Text Glitch Effect Photoshop Actions that will transformed any images into odd glitches, presenting an unexpected, disarranged aesthetic in your works.

Glitch Effect

You can use this action to add the glitch effect to almost any of photos you want to. It requires some simple steps to achieve this.

Glitch Effect

Glitch Text + Glitch Background FX

Use this text effects to create cool poster, flyer, facebook cover, youtube cover, CD cover, book cover, invitation, post card etc. You just need to replace them into the smart object of your favourite style included.

Glitch Text + Glitch Background FX

Glitch Bundle

Whether you’re looking for a fun photography trick or want to show off on Instagram, this action will help you to create cool glitch art photos.

Glitch Bundle

Glitch Photoshop Actions Set

Have you noticed how picturesque and artistic a digital disguise of errors can be? Looks like something futuristic or brought from a movie about post-apocalyptic society. It’s hard to avoid the feeling of electro-music or psychedelic vibes. Anyway, such obscurity of image fostered us to create a set of glitch PS actions.

Glitch Photoshop Actions Set

Animated 3D Glitch

If you know how to use the Timeline tool from Photoshop you can also make the animation shorter or slower, switch order and stuff. In case you need help saving it as a .gif, the .pdf help file includes my steps to save it easily as an animated .gif to upload online.

Animated 3D Glitch


Use this template to add a grunge glitch FX to your photos, illustrations and logos. This template is fully editable and versatile, you can add an intense grungy effect or just a soft RGB effect with minor distortions.

Grunge | Glitch Photo FX


Create awesome glitch effect on your photo in just 1 click. This action set contains 6 different glitch effects. All effects are adjustable and structured in a well organized layer. You can always tweak the look and combine the effect after applying the action.

SoGlitch Photoshop Action

Animated Glitch

This Action will generate a video sequence of animated glitch effects from your photos, logo or artwork. The effects are packed in clips and are easy to edit in the Timeline of Photoshop, in few clicks you’ll be able to make many variations and then export the file as a normal image, animated gif or video!

Animated Glitch - Photoshop Action

Glitch Photoshop Action

Transform your images into a dark corrupted scene with a distorted Glitch Effect. The best results are obtained with high resolution pictures.

Glitch Photoshop Action

Glitch Text Effects

The quickest way to create a glitch text effect is using this action. There are many options out there. They all offer different effects depending on your needs.

Glitch Text Effects


How this sction works? Simple you just have to open your photo and play the Action!

Anaglyph Photoshop Action

Toxic Potion Glitch Effects

This glitch effects are to make you breathe and design differently, moving far from canonical beauty in favor of freshness and frankness. Turn your typography, logos, and shots into vibrant masterpieces no one will dare to shift glaze from, passionately following how in a click (Smart objects are always in!) you bring motion instead of statics with the power of color only.

Toxic Potion Glitch Effects Pack


The idea was to add a lot of distortions and filters to the base picture, so it won’t be easily recognizable after the action has been applied, and therefore look more abstract. So if you’re looking for light/subtle glitch effects, this set is probably not the best for yo).

Entropy: 20 Photoshop Glitch Actions

Photoshop Glitch Action

I used this action on this adorable lion cubs photo from Pixabay. And the results are cool!

Photoshop Glitch Action

Contemporary Graphic Poster Action

Every time you run the action an unique result will be produced, even if you don’t change anything. There are 3 actions included to generate 3 different compositions.

Contemporary Graphic Poster Action

Random Glitch Square

It will make your image look futuristic. This works well for abstract glitch art.

Random Glitch Square Photoshop Action

Glitch Distortion

If you are looking for action that does something a little different than the others, this is action called Glitch Distortion might be a nice alternative to play around with.

Glitch Distortion Photoshop Action

Anaglyph / Glitch Photo FX

Need an action with a minimalist look instead? Try out this great Anaglyph photo action! Include in this download is one PSD file with everything you need to know about this action.

Anaglyph / Glitch Photo FX


Create a holographic glitch effect in one click! This awesome futuristic design turns your photos into a beaming holographic result.

Holographic Glitch Photoshop Action

10 Glitch Art Photoshop Actions

Add abstract and glitchy effects to any photo with these 10 Photoshop actions. These actions create glitch-like art using only nondestructive Photoshop techniques.

10 Glitch Art Photoshop Actions

VHS – RGB Glitch Text Effect

Use this template to create stunning VHS text effects on your text, logo and shape. Inside this pack you will find 01 PSD and instructions to use the template.

VHS - RGB Glitch Text Effect

Artistic Glitch

This action turns your photo into amazing and colorful images with glitch distorsion.

Artistic Glitch Photoshop Action

Just Another Glitch FX

This tool will hopefully inspire you to create awesome projects using the trendy glitch / image distorion techniques, and unlike most of the other Glitch projects available on the market, your Photoshop language preferences shouldn’t interfere in the creation process.

Just Another Glitch FX

Pixel Glitch

This Photoshop glitch action is non-destructive and easy to use! Simply load your favorite photo in Photoshop and press play! Enjoy cool, distorted results for any text or image.

Pixel Glitch Photoshop Action

Animated Glitch Logo

Animate your logo design with this stunning glitch effect.

Animated Glitch Logo Photoshop Template

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