50 Elegant Data Visualizations

Data visualization is a way to present information graphically. Visualizing data helps you communicate clearly. It can be a helpful design tool to see connections with others or for educational purposes. The process of visualizing data in different ways can inspire and educate people all over the world. It offers world-wide communication because of its use of visuals instead of words, and it avoids the barrier of language. Here 50 data visualizations that clearly communicated an important insight from that data.

65 Flat PSD Website Templates

Skeuomorphism designers try to make things seems to be as realistic as possible, while in flat design, designers try to depict the essence of it and make the design as simple and clear as possible. But it requires a greater level of effort from the designer in achieving clear communicative elements. So in this post i`ve collected 65 flat website templates in PSD format. All templates have a high quality design. They are very well suited for a starting point and a basic idea.