17 Shopping Cart Page Designs Inspiration

Having a good vision of your soon-to-be e-store at hand will help you communicate better with your designer. Knowing what’s possible will also allow you to determine your desired outcomes. When it comes to website design, one of the best and easiest ways to get ideas and inspiration is simply to browse through web design galleries, which are sites that aggregate and present beautiful websites.

20 Pixel Perfect Web & App Icon Sets

Icons are an essential part of a user interface. They help create visual associations between functionality and the user, which creates an overall better user experience. Icons can range from minimal and flat such as those used on Facebook, to elegant and lifelike such as the icons on the Apple iPhone and iPad. So here is collection of pixel perfect icons for your web or app.

9 Great UI Design Tools

Designing a good User Interface is always a challenging process, because always affects the end user of the web or application. To perform this it’s very useful if you have a bunch of resources that helps you in this long run. There is a lot of tools and resources that you can use for this, in this post i have featured 8 Great UI Design Tools that designers can use to achieve his goals. Do you know any other useful tools, feel free to share with us!!