50 Awesome Mobile User Interfaces

User interface for a small screen demands a thorough understanding of how people use their mobiles; it requires creativity and imagination. Functionality and features are not what make a mobile app succeed. The success of a mobile application depends on an intuitive Mobile UI design that combines usability with functionality. A good mobile UI doesn’t just make it easy for users to operate the app, but it also helps you promote and brand the application. Here are collection of mobile user interfaces – both concepts and real UIs.

15 Awesome Illustrated Maps

Map Illustration is a technique or an art that existed back in the early centuries though it serves an even greater purpose today. Back in the olden days, maps were required to understand a geographical terrain, plan war tactics, political administration etc. However these days they are required even in great detail in order to sometimes show the way or get a fair picturesque idea about the location. Illustrated maps are usually colorful, with minute attention paid to every detail including symbols and labeling. Here are a selection of map illustrations from around the globe. Enjoy!