21 E-commerce Website Design Inspirations 2015

The world of ecommerce is shifting at an incredible pace and sometimes it feels difficult to keep up with the latest in ecommerce website design trends. So to whet your appetite and inspire you,i have scoured the web and pulled together 21 of the best ecommerce website designs i could find. This should help you with your next ecommerce project or if you’re thinking about redesigning your current site.

20 Outstanding Music Related Website Designs For Inspiration

Music sites are among our favorites because music industry is all about taking chances and breaking the mold – so there’s some excitement here and needless to say, many of these have auto-loading audio. So here are 20 outstanding music related music website designs for inspiration for designing an effective and user friendly website.

30 Great Examples Of Restaurant Website Done Right

Today, customers are relying more on the Internet to look for places to have their next meals. For restaurant owners, having a website to showcase what they are offering is becoming a necessity. A strong web design can help a restaurant to more effectively market itself, can help convert visitors who find the restaurant by searching. So if you are designing website for cafe, bar or restaurant, in this post i have collected 30 some great examples of restaurant ,bar and cafe website done right and to help you create a successful website that will provide a great impression.

15 Examples Of Amazingly Designed Photography Website

Your portfolio is the central piece of your photography website. It’s the section that receives the most attention, because let’s face it, this is where a client looks to determine whether they hire you. Portfolio website might be a double-edged sword. I mean that it either builds or breaks you. So here are some examples of amazingly designed photography website which will surely boost your creativity!

23 Dazzling Big Video & Image Background Websites

Using big video & image backgrounds for websites was a trend last year and is still one of the biggest trends in web design for 2015. Some could argue that large image and video backgrounds are getting pretty overdone, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are on trend. Users are dazzled by imagery, and large, beautiful images can completely set the tone for a site. So i want to showcase some sites using large background images and video in new and unique ways for inspiration.