15 Handy Website Style Guide Tools

A style guide is an essential documents for any website, and it should not be overlooked. Creating styleguides for websites are by no means a new idea, but they are more easily talked about than implemented. Thankfully there are many tools with more arriving all the time, so in this post i`ve gathered some handy website style guide tools that will save you time, and a lot of headaches, down the line.

25 Gorgeous Web Design Concepts In PSD

Web design is the art of envisioning and creating all visual aspects of a website. Designer are visual experts that always keep a website`s functionality and flow in mind. If you are looking to spruce up your website or get a new design going for one of your clients, here are 25 gorgeous web design concepts in PSD which act as a mock up, so front-end developers can code them into a perfect websites.

30 Latest Examples Of Web Concept Designs

The web is a rapidly evolving universe. From time to time, we have seen how the pattern changes – from skeuomorphic to flat designs. An important part for web designer is keeping up to date and staying close to latest design trends. So in this post i’ve handpicked 30 Latest Examples Of Web Concept Designs that will get your creative juices flowing and to keep your projects relevant in the fast-paced and every-changing world of web design.

20 Creative Websites With Card-Based UI Design

Card UI offer appealing aesthetics: they are well behaved on a grid, and provide fluid behavior during interaction transitions. Cards present an illusion that everything one needs to know is right there in from of them. They mimic a bulletin board that can be scanned quickly. When a user wants to engage with the card, many interaction possibilities are available. The card can be animated, swiped, or flipped. In contrast to the tedium of scrolling, UI cards allow a range of interaction possibilities.

40 Stunning Typographic Website Concepts

Even with all the multimedia interactivity the web offers us, typography remains one of the most powerful tools in any web designer’s toolkit. If done right, typography can be more effective than any image or graphic. Here are 40 website design concepts that use type in creative ways that offer people a unique and easy to understand experience.