40 Swirly Curly & Floral-Based Vector Design Elements


Vector elements can be used in your illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. They can be scaled from the size of an ant, to the size of King Kong. They can also be imported into Photoshop as “Smart Objects” or as pixels. In this post we have rounded up collection of the very best swirly/curly/floral-based design elements.

Cool Vector Art Portraits


Vector is techniques of making highly realistic images using Photoshop or Illustrator. As the name suggests, Vector Art is built entirely of vector graphics. The more layers, the smoother and more realistic the final piece. This post showcases 15 amazing examples of beautiful vector art portraits by a group of talented artists.

25 Stunning Vector Poster Designs


Vectors are digital images created by using geometrical shapes based on mathematical equations. Because vectors aren’t based on pixels, these graphics are much more defined and can be resized without loosing their quality. Here you can find some of the creative examples of vector posters out there.

30 Stunning Vector Arts


Vector art consists of creating paths and points in a program such as Illustrator or Freehand. The program keeps track of the relationships between these points and paths. Vectors are any scaleable objects that keeps their proportions and quality when sized up or down. They’re defined as solid objects, and can be moved around in full, or grouped together with other objects. The following are 30 awesome examples of vector art.

30 Amazing Surreal Vector Arts


Surrealism is often called “the art of dreams”. The art movement was all about perceiving dreams into reality, which is done by painting extremely realistic subjects (anything from people to animals to inanimate objects) in extremely unrealistic situations. It’s done this way because when we think about our dreams, we dream in clarity and natural colors, because they’re made from memory of our everyday life. But our dreams are usually nonsensical at the same time, often creating situations that could never happen in real life. So here are 30 amazing... Read The Rest →

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