11 Awesome Bootstrap HTML CSS UI Kits


UI kits can save you time and money while drastically improving the look and feel of your design. Not only will you be able to differentiate yourself from the default Bootstrap styling, you can change the overall styling of your theme much more efficiently. So here are some awesome HTML CSS UI kits are based off Bootstrap and definitely worth checking out for your upcoming projects.

20 Great Android App UI Designs


Great design inspires us, helps get the creative juices flowing, and simply, it’s just fun to look at or engage with. So, if you are a designer who needs some inspiration for android app design, here is showcase of some great examples that you can learn from.

8 jQuery Range Slider Plugins


Here are jquery plugins which allows a user to select a value from a numerical range by simply dragging a slider. This can be used in many cases like filtering the products based on a range of price. You can simply make use of the below listed jQuery range slider plugins to add a real value to the overall user experience.

41 Amazing Web Design Concepts To Inspire You


Web design concept is limitless, just think and convert your imagination into live world. People having creativity always try to build beautiful things, in terms of web world; there are lots of beautiful websites with uniqueness. Here I have collected 41 amazing web design concepts for your inspiration which will help you to get ideas for your website design.

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