26 Inspiring Typography Sketchbooks

Sometimes you just need a little creative pick-me-up. A place to get lost in someone’s experiments and sketches. And a place to inspire your own. Here are 26 inspiring typography sketchbooks that will serve as a source of inspiration for those who are into typography or looking for creative typography ideas. I hope that this post inspires you to crack open your own journal and play around with your handwriting.

25 Bright & Funky Neon Typography Designs

Neon typography is usually used for large scale signage in a lettering form. But whether it is used in signage, print literature or as a logo, neon has an undeniably strong effect when it comes to graphic design. So if you are looking for inspiration to incorporate neon typography into your graphic design, here are 25 bright and funcky neon typography to inspire you.

14 Amazing CSS3 Typographic Animation Effects

It is now possible for typographers to make their work available to web designers through a wide variety of formats. These typefaces can then be supercharged using new browser technologies such as html5 canvas, css3 animation, and the massive and powerful vector-based SVG specification.

So here are some amazing typographic animation effects which use CSS3 animation to animate HTML5 and SVG elements for inspiration to create your own text animations and hover effects. Enjoy !