20 Super Cool 404 Error Animations

While going through a website, you may have seen broken links, search page with no results, 404 page not found errors etc. What would be the idea of an error page which amazes users with its attractive and responsive design?. Here are 20 super cool and creative 404 error animations made using CSS, SVG and Javascript that i found on codepen.

18 CSS Clip Path Tutorials, Examples & Tools

CSS clip-path attribute is the star of the show either in CSS, via SVG or a mix of the two of them, it will clip the image and hide portions outside the clipping region without changing the image file. To give you a clue what you can do with this CSS property, here are some useful tutorials, examples and tools for working with css clip path.

10 SVG Loading Indicators

SVG is vector-based, it can be infinitely scaled without detriment to quality. Your images will be the same physical size across different devices, but will have more resolution on the devices that support it. In this post i have collected some cool and creative loaders that use css and javascript to style and animate scalable vector graphics.