25 Websites With Impressive Slideshow Navigation

Slideshow design has become a massively popular practice in the world of web design. Besides saving space, it can be a great visual means of content presentation. Slideshows are great tools used to tell a story that reiterates your main message, brings attention to your call to action. Slideshow navigation is usually displayed on the sides of your slideshow and allow your site visitors to move through the slides by clicking them. So in this post we`ve gathered 25 examples of creative websites with various slideshow navigation controls for inspiration.

20 Best WordPress Slideshow Gallery Plugins

WordPress slideshow/gallery plugins can be very powerful tools for both publishers, designers and bloggers. With slideshow plugins we can create awesome slideshow in minutes and they are very attractive in looks they not only beautifies our contents but also gives readers a pleasant feel and friendly user interface to check photos or videos much faster.