35 Surreal Illustration Photoshop Tutorials


Surrealist art is usually an amalgamation of countless different art tropes and usually reflects an artist’s active and multifarious mind-process, combining fantasy, dreams and various elements of danger in one painting or drawing. So in this post we present 30 surreal illustration photoshop tutorials. Each tutorial is well-written and will teach you how to create surreal illustrations.

185 Extraordinary Photo Manipulation Tutorials


Photoshop is a wonderful tool in the hands of designers and they also don’t hesitate making full use of it. Photoshop is mostly used for Photo Manipulation and its popularity and craze is still a rage. Photo Manipulation is an image editing technique that alters the original image/photo by adding certain external elements into it giving it a completely new look and direction. In this post, i have collected 185 Photo Manipulation Tutorials. These tutorials will display how Photographic Manipulations can blend reality with slices of the surreal and bizarre.

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