20 Spectacular Event Landing Page Templates

Creating a landing page for your event is the ultimate icing on the cake, as it acts as your driver for high number of registrants and attendees. Not only does this landing page provide all of the details of the event, but it also acts as a place where attendees can refer to when they have any questions about the event. So here are 20 HTML Spectacular Event Landing Page Templates that can help turns those visitors into confirmed attendees. You can use these landing page templates for event registrations to monitor registration numbers and collect attendee contact information.

50 Excellent Landing Page Designs Inspiration

Well-thought-out landing page design will be the good experience of getting to the right destination and starting a journey around the website from the proper point. So in this post i wanted to bring together a collection of some of my favourite landing page designs. They represent different landing page reflecting various business goals, natures of presented offer and visual styles supporting the purpose.

20 Effective Video Landing Page Templates

If you need landing pages, but don’t want to saddle visitors with thousand words, there`s another option. In 2016, that option is video. Video gives you the opportunity to grab your visitors` immediate attention with an attractive thumbnail, and influence them in an often emotionally charged way. You don’t have to be a designer to make an effective video landing page for your business. Here are some effective HTML video landing page templates that you can use to mold your campaigns.

35 Best Landing Page Design Templates 2016

Landing page design is very often the deciding factor in whether someone converts or they get distracted and leave your website. A well designed landing page implies that the end product has also had a lot of care and attention put into it’s design. It comes across as professional and reliable, and as such it’s likely to have a higher conversion rate.