9 jQuery Plugins For Paginating Content


Pagination, in simple words is to split a long area of content into multiple pages. Paging is must and helpful feature when there is lots of data to display. Here are 9 jQuery Plugins For Paginating Content for you that you can use on your next project’s in order to split your data into several pages.

10 Powerful jQuery Table Plugins


Working with tables is a basic need for every web developer. Specifically when data fetched from a database must be tidily presented in your page, tables could be the only viable answer. So here are powerful jQuery table plugins that provide searching, filtering, sorting, pagination, etc.

10 Impressive CSS3 Tutorials & Demos


Here are 10 impressive demos and tutorials of a new CSS3 feature that you can’t wait to start using it in websites. Pure CSS3 Lightsaber Checkboxes Pure CSS3 Star Wars Lightsaber Checkboxes. This is a quick fun little project built to demonstrate the power behind CSS3, and an awesome little checkbox hack (:checked ~ div). Not “too” practical for UI/UX, but overall some cool code. Hyperspace This Hyperspace demo looks just like traveling through hyperspace in virtually every sci-fi film out there. It’s a really neat effect, and while not... Read The Rest →

8 Amazing jQuery SVG Plugins


SVG is not new, but it is new to most browsers. SVG is a powerful means of creating vector drawings in the browser. Vector drawings can be scaled to any size without losing any quality. They also have a very small XML format. That makes SVG perfect for creating data visualizations for the Web. Here are jQuery plugins for manipulating and animating svg.

10 Fresh jQuery Plugins Worth Trying Out


Lately I have come across a whole bunch of useful jQuery plugins, and thought I would share them with you all here. It is amazing to see the versatility of jQuery inspiring creativity – for plugins that have a real use for web developers. While some of these plugins will not suit everyone’s needs, they do have their own special purpose – a purpose to help make web development faster and simpler, while assisting web developers to provide meaningful web user experiences.

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