8 HTML5 And CSS3 Polyfill Solutions


A polyfill is like spackle for your Web sites, it’s a way to determine if a given HTML5 feature is available to the user currently browsing your site, and to provide either a shim that ‘fills in’ that support or a course of graceful degradation that enables your site to still function fully. A polyfill can be nearly anything – a JavaScript library that adds support for CSS3 selectors to old versions Internet Explorer. So here are some HTML5 and CSS3 polyfill solutions for your site to provide fallback functionality... Read The Rest →

11 Great Tools For Building Interactive Maps


Interactive Maps can be a great communications tool, and a powerful site feature, or they can be confusing, messy, and downright frustrating. With all of the different kinds of tools for creating interactive maps at your fingertips, we’ve pulled together some resources to help you navigate your way.

12 Javascript Libraries For Touch-Enabled Mobile Sliders


On touch screen devices you swipe left or right to browse through different images. In the similar way touch enabled sliders allow you to swipe left or right to browse through different slides of the slider. It makes it really easy task for users to use sliders on your website. These sliders are not difficult to implement. Touch enabled sliders can be added in the same way as you add other sliders to your website or a blog.

14 Cool Libraries For Creating Charts And Graphs Using Javascript and HTML5


For website which have complicated data you may need to use graphic or charts to simplify these content to be user friend, JavaScripts charts to help you easily convert data to be graphically, user friend and clear charts . So here are 14 Chart Libraries which will suit a variety of tasks from simple charts to high complex charts. Enjoy!

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