10 SVG Icon Sets


SVG is a file format that enables two-dimensional images to be displayed in XML on the Web. The PNG’s and GIF’s that we have been used to using day in and day out are getting ever more old and dated. Using PNG’s for icons and catering for every resolution you have include PNGs for multiple resolutions. Whereas SVG, you can create the file once and use it anywhere, at any scale and any resolution.

10 Perfectly Shaped Weather Icon Sets


Here are 10 perfectly shaped weather icon sets for weather forecast sites to present the weather conditions or to personalize different weather oriented articles. Several types of weather conditions like snowy, rainy, foggy, humid, hot and many more can easily be elaborated with the help of weather icons.

Download Free Flat Social Media Icon Sets


Here are some really cool flat social media icons sets. Flat design is being more and more appreciated lately. This is why you need some quality flat icons to count on. Enjoy! This roundup is perfect if you are looking for a good flat design to capture your audience’s attention, and nothing can be better than a collection of some awesome and beautiful free flat social icons.

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