15 Free Fonts For Graphic & Web Design


Finding the right font for your site and brand is more important than you might think, especially since navigating the world of fonts can be surprisingly tricky. So here are 15 fresh free fonts that would best serve the purpose of offering that visual appeal and fascinate you to use them in your projects.

9 Amazing Tools To Help You Select Font


Choosing a typeface can be tricky. The beauty and complexity of type, combined with an inexhaustible supply of options to evaluate, can make your head spin. So here are a list of some of great web font tools you can use to select and test out some of the most popular web fonts. Try and experiment with different fonts. Play around. See what looks good paired with what other fonts. Now get out there and design some really awesome sites!

223 Free Fonts For All Your Graphic Design Needs


A lot of different types of fonts are available out there in the market, thanks to the growth in the design and typography industry over the past few years. Now every day, various different new fonts are designed by designers. So if you wish to find the best free fonts available on the web, here are 223 free font ideal for web design, logo design, packaging, headline or editorial design.

7 Best Font Icon Generators


Scalable, CSS-able icons are a huge time saver, but with so many awesome icon sets out there we don’t want to find ourselves embedding multiple @font-face fonts to get the full set we want to use on a project. Here are 6 best icon font generators help with that by letting you build your own, single font file comprised of pretty much anything you want.

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