20 Beautiful Letterpress Calendar Designs

Letterpress printing has captured the hearts of paper lovers everywhere for hundreds of years. An ancient printing technique that involves literally pressing words or designs with ink into thick, soft paper using a printing plate. In this post i want to showcase 20 beautiful letterpress calendar designs for your inspiration.

20 Free Landing Page Templates

Expert internet marketers can spend hours designing, testing, and tweaking a single landing page in order to boost their conversion rate but not all of us can afford to spend hours optimizing a single page. Here are 20 free landing page templates that will help you save time by hiring a professional to design a high-converting landing page and maximize exposure and conversion rate.

30 jQuery Plugins For Styling HTML Form Elements

HTML form elements have always been a problem for designers, they are ugly and never match a website or app style. And also they look different depending on what computer you are using. So here are 30 jQuery plugins to help you create custom radio buttons, checkboxes and select elements. Some of these plugins also extend the functionality of your form elements.