25 Best Premium PSD CD/DVD Cover Mockup Templates

Whether you want to sell your digital media online with digital delivery or offline with physical media, you have to come up with creative ways to market your product. One of the quick, easy ways to present it is by using mockups. So here is collection of best premium PSD mock-up templates that allow you to showcase your CD / DVD designs with a bit of shine.

20 CSS Animation Tips, Tricks And Tutorials

CSS animation makes it very easy to create animations and transitions and allows for dynamic effect without plugins. Most modern websites use a variety of animated effects not only to improve usability but also to delight and surprise users. Here are 20 latest CSS animation tips, tricks and tutorials to make website more vibrant and compelling with user interfaces that are functional, reliable, and usable.

20 Creative WordPress Themes Utilizing Geometric Shapes

The use of geometrics provides graphic designers with a fantastic opportunity to add to the flat design trend. Combined with flat design the use of geometric shapes enables a designer to stay true to the fundamentals of flat design – creating clean and clear designs, while also providing them with a clever use for negative space, and fun ways to explore colours. So in this post i collected 20 WordPress Themes utilizing geometric concepts and shapes to produce simplistic, fun, modern and innovative designs with content at the forefront.