45 Best Corporate & Business HTML Website Design Templates

As you build your corporate branding strategy, you have no doubt determined that you’ll either need a brand new website or an update to your current website. If you want a custom design, custom programming, and a custom marketing plan, no. You’ll spend weeks, maybe even months, designing your website, and unless you’re doing it yourself, it’ll cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Time and money savings are the biggest drivers in the decision to go with a web design template.

21 Amazing Movie Website Designs 2015

Movies are a big part of the entertainment industry, and in recent years their websites have become increasingly critical to their overall success. So if you are looking for movie website design inspiration ? Here is a list of movie websites that either feature innovative UX or highly interactive fun., whilst also perfectly capturing the essence of the movie online.

21 Cool CSS Hamburger Menu Animations

A humburger menu is most popular UI element on almost all modern websites. Since it’s first appearance in the official Facebook app, it looks like the hamburger, or mobile icon, is about to claim the title of King of Menus and Ruler of Responsive and Mobile Design Patterns. So if you are looking for new ways to animate those three lines in to a neat X, check out this post.

24 Colorful Typography Designs To Boost Your Mood

When some people want to lift their spirits, they reach for a bowl of ice cream. There’s a better way to improve your mood, though: color. Color is a powerful design tool that can make typography more calm, cheerful, comfortable or dramatic. So in this post i collected some gorgeous, colorful typography designs to boost your mood.