44 Free Flat PSD Files

Simply put, flat design means a visual presentation with little or no shadows, gradients, shiny objects, or embossing. It is exactly as it sounds; flat, but in a good way. The use of none 3d-style objects is growing in popularity for their simplicity and honesty. Instead of trying to make the web increasingly complex, designers have stepped-back and examined what is really important when creating a website; communicating content to the user. This collection includes some fantastic flat UI kits, a lot of assets for web and graphic design, as well as a few cool flat icons. These PSDs are as perfect for learning as they are for your future projects.

iPhone 6 Infinity

iPhone 6 Infinity By Fabio Basile

Minimal iPhone 5

Minimal iPhone 5

Iphone / Ipad PSD

Iphone / Ipad - Freebies By AgenceMe

Web Shapes

Web Shapes By Raul Taciu

It’s Flat – Icon Set

It's Flat - Icon Set By Sebastiano Guerriero

e-commerce Icons freebie

e-commerce Icons freebie By Virgil Pana

Minimal iPhone5 Template PSD

Minimal iPhone5 Template PSD

Flat Psd Browsers Set

Flat Psd Browsers Set By Pixeden

Free iOS7 app PSD

Free iOS7 app PSD

iPhone 5s Minimal Gold PSD

iPhone 5s Minimal Gold.

Weather Widget (freebie)

Weather Widget (freebie) By Dylan Opet

Free Flat Flags

Free Flat Flags  By Muharrem Şenyıl

(PSD) Spotify Flat

(PSD) Spotify Flat By Nabil Ghulam (Flat

Flat Credit Card

Freebie - Flat Credit ... By Ian Silber

Free Psd Mobile Music PLayer

Free Psd Mobile Music

Flat iPhone 5s 3D

Flat iPhone 5s 3D

Apple flat devices

Apple flat devices

Follow Christina. PSD

Follow Christina. PSD

Sign up (freebie)

Sign up (freebie) By Dylan Opet

[Freebie PSD] Free Awesome Flat UI Kit

[Freebie PSD] Free Awesome

Music Player

Music Player By Alexandru Stoica

Friends list UI

Friends list UI

Calendar Widget

Calendar Widget By Bulat Zalyayev

Samsung Galaxy S4 Device

Samsung Galaxy S4

Flat Radial Graph PSD

FREEBIE: Flat Radial Graph PSD

Mini Stats UI (Free PSD)

Mini Stats UI (Free PSD) By Amit Jakhu

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