25 Fullscreen Overlay Navigation Menu Web Designs

Fullscreen Overlay Menu is a responsive menu that takes up the entire screen when expanded. The menu usually can be activated by clicking or touching the hamburger menu button. Fullscreen overlay menu gives you the power to overlay and animate one screen on top of another. It can simulate modal windows, dropdown navigation menus, and other on-screen prompts, all without leaving your current screen. So in this post we`ve gathered 25 Fullscreen Overlay Navigation Menu Web Designs to find inspiration for your next web design project.

25 Striking Papercut Illustrations

One of the hottest graphic design trends 2018 are papercut illustrations. Inspired by actual paper cutting art, this trend is quickly gaining speed. Papercut illustrations recreate compositions made of different layers of paper which means depth and specific textures are must-have elements. What I always loved about papercut illustration is the bold, striking, expressive and very graphical visual language. So in this post I`ve gathered 25 striking illustrations that achieve the whimsical look of actual papercut art.

43 Excellent Website Header Concept Designs

A website header is the area is one of the most valuable areas of your website. It runs across the top of the page and appears on every page of your website. It`s the first thing that visitors see. And There are no rules how a header should look like, and basically there are no limits to your creativity when it comes to designing your header. So here are 43 Excellent Website Header Concept Designs that you can use for inspiration to create interesting and impactful header.

30 Ravishing Mondrian-style Website Designs Inspiration

Based upon Dutch painter Piet Mondrian`s mosaic designs. Mondrainism is a classic art style which has now been given a modern twist by being optimised for web design. This mosaic-like design grids allow for content panels and grid cells to be interlaced into beautiful mosaic systems. These layouts and systems allow for new possibilities for organizing information. So if you are looking for some examples of creative web design work, here are 30 Ravishing Mondrian-style Website Designs for Inspiration.

40 Modern Website Intro Page Design Examples

Have you ever been to a website and instead of seeing the homepage of the site as expected, you are greeted with a full-screen introductory page? Nowadays, it`s not enough to reel in visitors to your site, you also need to `wow` them as soon as they hit your home page. Intro page is great way to showcase animation skills in a really eye-catching way with CSS & Javascript animations or really powerful graphics. So in this post we`ve collected 40 Modern Website Intro Page Design Examples for inspiration to create fresh and engaging user experience.