50 Brilliant Movie & Music Website UI Designs

Just like learning to code, the best way to improve as a designer is to learn by doing. More than anything, seeing what other designers have done in the past can save you some serious time, because design has a history and everyone should learn from what works and what doesn’t. So whether you are trying to solve a UI problem or just looking to delight your users with best-in-class UI patterns, here are 50 brilliant movie & music website ui designs for your design inspiration.

50 Creative Web Designs Inspiration 2016

One thing will never change in this industry is that web design will always change. We know web design changes because it always has done and it won’t stop going forward. It’s one of the major reasons we love design. So in this post we`ve collected 50 creative and amazing web designs 2016 for inspiration. I hope it can be useful and inspiring for all of us looking for new and enhanced web design trends.

40 Inspiring Examples Of Portfolio Web Designs 2016

A portfolio reflects your creativity and showcases your work to the potential clients. It serves as a true example of what you are capable of and what abilities you have to offer. It is great tool for anyone needing to showcase their work. So in this post we`ve handpicked 40 inspiring examples of portfolio website designs that are a great source of inspiration for web designer.

30 Inspiring UI Design Concepts For E-commerce Website

Designing an outstanding e-commerce website has always been one of the greatest challenges of every UI designers. Beautiful UI makes design works sparkle and grabs visitors’ attention immediately. So, check out these some inspiring UI Design Concepts for e-commerce website to draw some inspiration for your own projects. Either through minimalist neat layout or via rich, color expressive design elements, each of these concept designs deliver an exceptional, truly inspiring visual experience to visitors.