12 Super Creative Interactive Online Resumes


Interactive Resumes are a very effective way to get yourself noticed and will give you a very distinctive advantage in your job search. Nowadays there are more opportunities than ever to attract the right kind of attention, and creative professionals in particular can go the extra mile to make an impression. So here are some super creative interactive resumes that emphasized creativity, design and writing skills which may inspire you to do something different.

18 Die-Cut Brochures That Wow & Inspire


It’s no wonder die-cut brochures can add an amazing amount of impact. The feeling one gets from viewing a well-concepted die cut is not unlike what a child experiences when viewing their favorite pop-up book. So here are 18 die-cut brochures that wow and inspire with unique shape to make them stand out above the crowd.

35 Awe-Inspiring Letterpress Business Card Examples


Letterpress business cards are quite impressive. The printing technique is centuries old and there still isn’t a printing method yet that can compete with the quality of a letterpress. They are often simple yet elegant designs with a distinct look and feel. Here are some great examples of letterpress business cards that will create good impression with a client.

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