51 Material UI Design Concepts For Inspiration

Material is a new approach to design that defines a third quantity to pixels except simply width and length. and that is depth. So you can literally see pixels layer on top of each other as if they exist in the real world like any material that we find in the real world. In this post we’ll showcase 51 Material UI design concepts for inspiration to explore Material Design language.

21 E-commerce Website Design Inspirations 2015

The world of ecommerce is shifting at an incredible pace and sometimes it feels difficult to keep up with the latest in ecommerce website design trends. So to whet your appetite and inspire you,i have scoured the web and pulled together 21 of the best ecommerce website designs i could find. This should help you with your next ecommerce project or if you’re thinking about redesigning your current site.

58 Modern Examples Of Monogram Designs

Nothing is ever so classy as a monogram. A monogram is a design consisting of one or more letters or other graphemes to form a unique symbol. They are typically the initials of a name, used to identify a person, a couple, or a business. Below is a collection of modern monogram designs. I hope that you enjoy them and that they inspire you to use a monogram in your next design project.

20 Outstanding Music Related Website Designs For Inspiration

Music sites are among our favorites because music industry is all about taking chances and breaking the mold – so there’s some excitement here and needless to say, many of these have auto-loading audio. So here are 20 outstanding music related music website designs for inspiration for designing an effective and user friendly website.