When Typography Meets Photography : 40 Creative Website Designs

An eclectic trend for 2018 is combining typography with photography. It gives a unique and very modern look to any project and can enhance your brand`s personality. When combined with custom photo, the effects can multiply. This is the ultimate combo if you`d like to stand out from the crowd. The style or message of the text influences how the user interprets the photo. So in this post we`ve put together 40 examples of creative ways to use typography and photography in website design.

33 Cool Holographic & Iridescent Designs

Who doesn`t love the multi-toned look of a holographic design? It almost looks like it`s coming out of the actual design, and the look of several dimensions makes design look literally out of this world! So while it`s still glamorous and mesmerizing, here are 33 Cool Holographic & Iridescent Designs that add an interesting visual stimulus that grabs and holds the eye for inspiration.

47 Outstanding Examples Of Vertically Stacked Typography Designs

Stacking letter is the practice of aligning letters vertically one on top of the other. It is a fantastic technique for giving posters and other layouts a dramatic typographic look also it is a neat and fun way to push your typographic skills. When paired with balanced colors and forms, stacked text looks edgy and visually appealing. So here are 47 Outstanding Examples Of Vertically Stacked Typography Designs to help you brainstorm for amazing ideas for using typography in design.

40 Cool Examples Of Breaking The Grid In Web Design

The idea of breaking the grid in web design is certainly not fresh, but it hasn`t been explored widely yet, that`s why this trend is considered to be one of the most significant ones, as it gives designers a creative freedom to roam around and make their brand stand out. Today, improvements in media queries and technological advancements like flexbox have given designers more grid capabilities. So if you are thinking about breaking the grid, here are 40 cool examples of breaking the grid in web design for inspiration.