20 Amazing CSS3 & HTML5 Form Examples


Forms are one of the most important parts of any site or app—they are the most common way for users to give the information. They can be greatly enhanced with a touch of CSS3 and HTML5, making them more usable and far more visually attractive. Here are some examples to help you creating amazing CSS3 and HTML5 forms in no time at all.

10 Cool CSS3 jQuery Flip Effects


Using flip effect is a creative way to deliver more content to your users, make flip animations for off-canvas navigation, show something on the back of elements. You could use it for your portfolio pieces. The ways you could use it are only limited by your imagination. In this post i’ll showcase some cool flip effects using jQuery and CSS3. Enjoy !

25 Best Twitter Bootstrap Extensions


Bootstrap comes with tons of great, ready-to-use components right out of the box. The true beauty of the framework, however, lies in the ability to build additional functionality for those features with relative ease. But whenever you want something more in-depth or a specific behaviour, they fall short. So here are 25 Best Twitter Bootstrap extensions to improve the existing bootstrap components.

11 Useful HTML5 Video Techniques


The <video> tag in HTML5 is a great thing. It enables native video playback in all current browsers, rather than relying on a plugin like Flash. It opens the door to web video on devices that don’t support Flash. In this post i want share some useful HTML5 video techniques that you can use to add more features to HTML5 video element.

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