25 Best Javascript Chart & Graph Libraries & Tools

Data visualization is an important part of website these days. So if you are looking for data visualization solutions, here are some Best Javascript Chart & Graph Libraries & Tools to help you present your information in a simple and easy-to-understand manner that allows your audience to focus on more important information.

20 Angular UI Element Directives For Bootstrap

Directives are an awesome tool that essentially lets you create new HTML tags, or supercharge existing tags with attributes. Directives allow you to create custom HTML components. It can be attributes, classes or elements. Using elements allows us to create modular UI components for web apps. So in this post we`ve collected some useful Bootstrap ui components remade as AngularJS directives.

8 CSS Libraries For Adding Image Hover Effects

Images help enhance a website, and convey your message in a better way compared to text-based data. Images not only make a web design look more engaging and captivating to the viewers` eyes, but also boost conversion rate of your website. So in this post we`ve gathered some useful CSS libraries for adding cool hover effects on your images that will help to grab visitors’ attention easily.

8 jQuery SVG Animation Plugins

SVGs are resolution-independent, scalable for responsive, and easy to navigate with their navigable DOM. It`s a new addition to the web animation bandwagon that allows front-end developers to create classy, static as well as animated vector graphics. So here are some best jQuery SVG Plugins that you can use to develop scalable vector animations with ease.

25 Great Dribbble Shots Turned Into Codepen

CodePen is the perfect place to share code and play with ideas and concepts in a sandbox and Dribbble is the ultimate sandbox for designers — a place where front-end developer can find examples, and try to implement them in CSS. It`s good practice to go on dribbble, find some interesting design and try to code that. So if need some front-end inspiration, here are some 25 Great Dribbble Shots Turned Into Codepen.