7 Powerful WordPress Theme & Page Builders


Here are 7 Powerful WordPress Theme & Page Builders that enable you to build custom pages and themes without using a single line of code. In other words, if you are not a coding geek or WordPress wizzard, these plugins are for you. But also if you are a developer and build websites for customers, they are awesome and very useful.

34 Detailed UI Concept Sketches


You don’t have to be a great singer to write a great song. Likewise, you needn’t be a Leonardo to draw your way to more and better ideas. The artistic quality of your sketches is not the point. The real goal of sketching is functional. It’s about generating ideas, solving problems, and communicating ideas more effectively with others. So here are 35 Detailed UI Concept Sketches.

40 Fancy Infographic Design Elements


Infographics are a great way to increase hits to your website or just to make lots of meaningless data look visually interesting. Are you wanting to make quirky infographics for your business or for a client and don’t know where to start? Here are 35 fancy infographic elements intended to save you time and money.

14 Cool Libraries For Creating Charts And Graphs Using Javascript and HTML5


For website which have complicated data you may need to use graphic or charts to simplify these content to be user friend, JavaScripts charts to help you easily convert data to be graphically, user friend and clear charts . So here are 14 Chart Libraries which will suit a variety of tasks from simple charts to high complex charts. Enjoy!

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