12 Digital & Paper Mobile Prototyping Tools

Prototyping is one way to see and test your website before you spend long nights coding and programming. Although the website design process and mockup tools tends to be relatively fluid, the prototyping phase typically focuses on Visual Layout, Interface Element Design, Logical Flow, Behavior. Here are prototyping tools range in their level of interactivity from slightly more than a wireframe tool to almost fully interactive prototype builders.

20 Skeuomorphic Design Examples

Skeuomorphic design refers to the practice of “borrowing” real world objects or design elements and reproducing them in a different context, even though they may have no functional use in the new context. The most famous digital examples of this aesthetic come from Apple: its Calendar, iBooks and Notes apps that look exactly like their real-world counterparts, down to the stitched leather binding, wooden bookshelves and the ripped page edges.

65 Retro & Vintage Style Packaging Designs

Lately many products have been releasing new retro/vintage packaging or reverting back to packaging from way back when. Retro designs and bright colors have been the latest trend in design for some time now and it seems to be leaking into packaging design as well. We’ve gathered a collection of retro & vintage packaging designs to show. If you are looking for some inspiration try this post and see if it sparks your creativity.