25 Great Book Covers


Book cover design is an underappreciated art form, yet it can help make a book. The cool thing about book covers are that they are all different styles, colors, sizes, even textures. Lots in way of inspiration. So today I put together some beautiful, well designed book covers for your inspiration.

8 Free & Premium Responsive Email Templates


When anyone mentions mobile everyone talks about responsive web design, making it easy for mobile browsers to use your website. What no one talks about is responsive email marketing, making it easy for mobile users to read your email marketing. If you’re putting time and money into email marketing you need to make sure your newsletters are responsive.

11 jQuery Radio Checkbox Plugins


The Checkbox and radio button versions of input elements used in forms on the web are amongst the most difficult to style according to your overall web design. These elements will display differently depending on the user’s operating system, but we can change their appearance globally with the help of jQuery.

9 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2013


Securing the WordPress blog is the most complicated task for most of the bloggers out there in Blogosphere. But, it’s not no longer be hard to keep their WordPress blogs secure from hackers. Because there are lots of WordPress plugins which enable us to scan as well as they give tips to resolve those security bugs that are exist near in the WordPress blog.

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