40 Sexy Valentines Flyer Templates


The Valentine Day is coming in a few weeks. We all want to share Love, Warmth and of cause great events! These valentine flyer templates are all premium so you will have to purchase them but the advantage is that they all come with the PSD files included; that means you can modify, adjust and change almost everything.

60 Stunning Pieces Of Editorial Design


Editorial design is usually a custom made design to place the content and other graphics in a magazine. It has to be formatted and designed in such a way other vital components of the magazine in question fits in perfectly. In this post you will see 60 stunning pieces of editorial designs for inspiration from various publications.

9 Interesting Image Placeholder Tools


When prototyping a new layout its convenient to use placeholder images then it is to use the final images. You could make the placeholder images in an image editing program. There is a far better way using image placeholder tools you can quickly get an image of any size you require by simply going to website and placing your desired width and height after the address.

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