16 jQuery Plugins & Tutorials For Building Single-Page Websites


Single-page websites have been commonplace on the web for a few years now. First made popular by designers seeking a clean, simple way to showcase portfolios, the one-page website now has a number of uses, including advertising software and promoting events. It’s a great way to have a large impact with a small amount of content. Here are 13 jQuery plugins & tutorials for building single-page websites.

25 Hotel & Restaurant Website Designs


In this post, we will showcase 25 hotel & travel websites for inspiration. They are chosen because they put efforts to perfect their website designs. Others are neither not putting efforts nor having a bad website. Just they make us feel that they are sufficient to give you numerous idea of hotel & restaurant website design.

60 Superb Examples Of Minimalist Photography


Minimalist photography is the art of capturing simplicity. In capturing minimalism, photographers need to push aside the desire to over-compose by adding too many elements to a photograph: anything that’s not absolutely necessary needs to be moved aside. What’s absent is the defining factor of minimalist shots, not what is there.

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