Top 10 jQuery Carousel Plugins


jQuery carousel plugin is basically a jQuery plugin that displays an unordered list of images as a carousel with forward and back buttons. So if you are struggling to find a good carousel, here are 10 Best jQuery Carousel Plugins to use on your next project.

75 Mind-Blowing WordPress Blog Designs


I see a lot of the same old style of WordPress designs and find them to be very boring. So if you are looking for a WordPress website design that has unique character and doesn’t look like anyone else’s, here are 75 Mind-Blowing WordPress Blog Designs for inspiration.

10 Beautiful & Creative Vinyl Wall Art Stickers


Wall Art Stickers are really oversized, or giant vinyl wall art stickers. These stickers are fun and funky modern day paintings, that are really growing rapidly in mainstream interior decor design. The days of getting paint all over your hands, your clothes, the kids or your feet are over – Wall Stickers or Wall Decals have arrived. They are easily the coolest-looking wall decorations ever created and they will forever change the way you go about brightening up a blank space in your home. So here are 10 Beautiful &... Read The Rest →

Top 9 WordPress Video Plugins


WordPress video plugin allows you to embed video clips from popular video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. When the plugin is activated, video clips can be embedded by using shortcode abbreviations. Here are 9 best wordpress video plugins to use if you want to display a Youtube or Vimeo channel, or your favorite video’s.

35 HTML Landing Page Design Templates For Business


Effective landing pages are critical to growing an online business. In many cases landing pages are used as the first page that is viewed by someone who is clicking on an ad or an affiliate link, rather than sending the visitor to the homepage. The landing page is designed with one purpose in mind, to get some specific action from the visitor. It could be to purchase a product, create an account, sign up for a mailing list, sign up for a free trial, or any other type of action.... Read The Rest →

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