26 Best Shopify Themes

If you’re looking for a way to make extra money online and don’t know were to start the Shopify platform might appeal to you. Shopify can help you get your business off the ground in no time. So here are 25 best Shopify themes to help build your e-commerce store. They are designed to help keep your visitors intrigued with your store, and stay just a bit longer to find out if you can be helpful to them.

25 Bright & Funky Neon Typography Designs

Neon typography is usually used for large scale signage in a lettering form. But whether it is used in signage, print literature or as a logo, neon has an undeniably strong effect when it comes to graphic design. So if you are looking for inspiration to incorporate neon typography into your graphic design, here are 25 bright and funcky neon typography to inspire you.

42 UI Kits To Create Persuasive Infographic

Infograpics can generate major traffic for sites and blogs. People love infographics. Little bits of text combined with pictures is the way people want to consume information. They are also a great tool to get your point across and persuade your target audience. So here are 42 awesome UI kits that will help you build persuasive infographic!

23 Parallax Web Design Inspirations 2015

Parallax website design is still hot in 2015, and it has literally turned the design world on its ear. Rather than the traditional, horizontally focused page design that has been popular pretty much as long as there’s been an Internet, parallax sites embrace a completely vertical page orientation. If you’re looking for some inspiration or considering using this technique on your own website, make sure to check out our amazing showcase of parallax examples.