20 Outstanding Mini Portfolio Designs

Portfolio is one of the most vital requirement in finding a job, especially in the creative field. One must leave a mark to stand out. Having a memorable, unique and personalized portfolio can be an excellent way of getting noticed and getting the clients, contracts and sales that you want. For inspiration to create powerful personal brand, here are 20 creative ways to showcase your work and turn images into an unconventional portfolio.

24 Examples Of Split-Screen Layout In Web Design

One of the more interesting design trends is the split-screen layout, in which some kind of vertical break divides portions of the page into two or more parts. A split-screen websites will showcase messages which are equal in terms of importance. If you offer goods, as well as services, you may feature your products on one side of a split screen and then highlight your services on the other side. So here, we take a look at some of examples of split-screen layout in Web design.