50 Modern Minimalist Web Designs Inspiration 2016

Minimalist design is not solely an aesthetically pleasing strategy, but an effective way to engage user attention through bold, clean designs and increased legibility. Moreover, minimalist sites reduce loading times and craft a thoughtful user experience to ensure that users perceive your site in a positive way.

50 Examples Of Stunning Typography In Magazine & Book Designs

Graphic designers use typography in hugely diverse ways, and the results can be incredible. Typography alone can instantly lend a mood to a print design, whether it is paired with images or not. Magazine & book are a great place to showcase more creative typography. So, below are 50 Examples Of Stunning Typography In Magazine & Book Designs for your inspiration.

60 Most Awesome Photoshop Tutorials 2016

A picture is worth even more than a thousand words! Not just in everyday routine, even in businesses, a picture has more value. On websites, a more image friendly website is more popular. The days of simple text websites are long gone. You need images to liven up your websites, brochures, magazines, newsletters, etc. So here in this post we`ve collected 60 best Photoshop tutorials for designer, photographer and artist.