15 Creative & Interesting Cardboard Designs


In this post i decided to present you some creative and interesting cardboard designs. So here are 15 creative and interesting ways to use cardboard box into something fun to play and create with. Enjoy ! Eco DIY Collection Daru – cardboard desklamp Refold – Cardboard Standing Desk Cardboard Dragon CAFE mountain SIT & ROCK The Bomb Adobe Photoshop Cook Mini – Ghettoblaster Laptop stand made of a pizza box Floating City Chefpanzee Cardboard Stealth Chair Masks Calendar

10 SVG Loading Indicators


SVG is vector-based, it can be infinitely scaled without detriment to quality. Your images will be the same physical size across different devices, but will have more resolution on the devices that support it. In this post i have collected some cool and creative loaders that use css and javascript to style and animate scalable vector graphics.

11 Pure CSS Accordion Menus


Accordion is great addition to any website. It consists of a list of items with functions to be “expanded” or “stretched” to reveal the content of the item. Usually accordion menus will be done using javascript code. But in this post i want to share some awesome horizontal and vertical accordion menus by using CSS only.

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